We make fitness a part of life.

Our mission is to 'educate and empower real people to achieve their goals through a balanced and sustainable lifestyle'.

Throughout our lives we have both experienced negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves and created unhealthy habits towards food. Over coming this we are now passionate about helping others to do the same. We have created a program to break these negative habits, by educating you and developing skills to no longer find these a problem in your life.

We have created this program using the methods we have used to change our own bodies and minds, to live a lean, balanced life all year round and break the dieting cycle.

Tailor-made Nutrition Plans


We take a different approach to nutrition.

We look at food in terms of the nutrients that it delivers and the effect it has on our bodies. This gives us the ability to enjoy food of all types in moderation. We can not only teach you how to think about your food, but also write tailor made nutrition programs. This method gives you a full scope of flavours and flexibility to your meals whilst you keep working towards your goal.

Tailor-made Training Plans

We develop training programs that work for you.

With 16 years of training experience and competition experience we know the most up to date proven methods on how you need to train to achieve your best results yet. We can tailor a program to suit your requirements- Changing the shape of your body, losing weight, building muscle or getting bigger. We have the experience required to help you reach your goals and change your life.