How To Stop Self Sabotage

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 04:58

Throughout life we form our own self-image. This can range from having a ‘negative’ relationship with yourself, low self-esteem, self-hatred, warped body image to having a ‘positive’ relationship with yourself, high self-esteem, self-love, a healthy body image. 

From a young age we start to create a character of ourself, this is our own self image and identity. A way we see ourselves, a way we react to situations and our own reality of what we are deserving of in life. We literally create our own destiny from our self identity. 

This self identity or self image starts to be created from the moment you are born, from things your parents said to you, your siblings, your friends and your teachers as you grow older. 

When we have a ‘negative’ relationship with ourselves that is when ‘self-sabotaging’ habits can easily be developed and maintained for life, unless they are somehow challenged. 

What are ‘self-sabotaging’ habits?

These are habits that we have developed over time that are negatively impacting our ability to succeed in various aspects of our life. These can be developed from childhood experiences, events that have happened throughout our life, our upbringing or our surroundings.

The most common “self-sabotaging” habits that we see in our clients are:

-binge eating

-under eating

-yoyo dieting

-exercising as a form of punishment

-binge drinking 

-finding excuses e.g lack of time to meal prep or exercise

-putting everything else before their own goals 

How can you stop “self sabotage”?

  1. FIND SELF RESPECT: Ultimately when you develop a ‘positive’ relationship with yourself you will be able to help prevent these sabotaging habits to creep into your life. When you have respect for yourself then you will recognise your habits that are not helping you succeed in life. When you are happy you want the best for yourself.

Think to yourself “would I treat my friend like this?” if not then you don’t deserve to treat yourself that way.

  1. RECOGNISE YOUR HABITS THAT ARE LIMITING YOUR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS: Take time out to write down all the habits that you have formed in life, whether it be physical or mental, that are stopping you from reaching your goals in life and being happy. The first step to changing is to recognise what needs to be changed. 
  2. TAKE BABY STEPS AND BE PATIENT: From this list choose 1 habit that you are going to work on changing for a positive habit. Focus on this 1 habit for 21 days minimum, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Only when this new habit is completely formed and you feel confident that you will not fall back into your ‘self-sabotaging’ ways do you then choose another habit to focus on changing.
  3. WORK ON YOUR ‘RELATIONSHIP’ WITH YOURSELF EACH AND EVERY DAY: Just like training and nutrition working on your own mindset takes effort and constancy. Our favourite daily rituals that we use with our clients to improve their relationship with themselves includes, daily outcomes, affirmations and gratitude’s. 
  4. SEEK HELP: It can be hard to do this alone!!!! A supportive environment, someone to be accountable to and guidance is the key to success! With anything in life, if you have someone helping you along the way and are surrounded by like-minded people on the same journey it makes the entire experience more enjoyable and will help motivate you to make a change for life.

If you resonate with this blog, and recognise that you are ‘self-sabotaging’  yourself then try the steps above. Working on yourself from the inside out is the key to success!!! 

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Mandy xxx