Why Your Goal Setting Is Setting You Up To Fail

Monday, 31 October 2016 02:39


In this blog I am going to share with you what I learnt from the All Blacks win over the weekend  and how we can implement their winning strategy into our life and our own goals. 

So you may or may not have watched The All Blacks ( NZ Rugby Team) VS The Wallabies (AUS Rugby Team), I obviously did and I picked up on something really interesting right from the start. 

But first, this is the sitch.

The All Blacks are the only Rugby team to have won 3 World Cup Championships, and have won the last 2. 

They have all of the Trophies possible locked away and are very much at the top of the rugby game. 

On Saturday night they were going into a match to over take the world record of 17 Wins in a row! 

The NZ Coach was interviewed pre match and when asked about going for the world record his reply was simple and went something like this…

“The world record, thats an outcome, all we need to do is complete our processes”



Outcome Goals can be described as the end goal, the result. 

The outcome could be losing 5kg of body fat or fitting a size smaller.

Often when trying to achieve a goal we focus on the end, the outcome. 

We don’t put any steps into place and just go yolo expecting to wake up one day 5kgs lighter! 

In a months time, our clothes are still tight, we have no idea why and start to feel like “nothing works for me”, 

But there is no information to compare, nothing to track what has worked and what hasn’t,

and more importantly, You have noting to look back on to praise the hard work that you may have been putting in!

You just feel like you have failed. 

And the more times you “fail” the less likely you are to try again. 

How can we change this mentality? 

This is where Process Goals come in.

What are they?

Process Goals are the actions, the small steps we need to complete along the way to make sure we achieve our “Outcome”. 

Imagine you are driving somewhere you haven't been before, you follow the signs along the way until you reach your destination.

You don’t get in your car, pick a direction and drive around wishing for the best! 
And that is exactly what you are doing when you set off to lose your 5kgs or dress size without having your Process Goals in place. 

What processes can you create to get to your outcome? 

Here are a few tips to start, 

1- Create a meal plan on Saturday 

2- Purchase Food for the week and Prep 

3- Always take a water bottle with you and drink 3+ Litres per day

4- Pack your meals for the day the night before 

5- Track all food and liquid in a tracking device eg My Fitness Pal 

6- Complete all training sessions from your plan

7- Pack your gym bag the night before 

8- Daily goal setting and affirmations when you wake up

9- Turn off phone at 8pm 

10- Have a scheduled relaxation/technology free/stretching/yoga time 

Long story short, The All Blacks went on to win, creating a new world record of 18 consecutive wins.

A couple of players were interviewed post match and guess what one of them said…

“we just had to complete our processes” 

LESSON-  Put all of your energy into those Process Goals and the only option will be to achieve the Outcome you are wanting!!

Awhina xx