Why You Should Put Yourself First

Monday, 31 October 2016 06:28

For some reason most females struggle to put themselves first. Whether it be their motherly instinct or the expectations that society has put on females for being the "carer" and "nurturer". 

Too often we hear women, particularly mums finding any excuse not to put their health and wellbeing first. They feel guilty wanting to invest time and money into helping themselves lose body fat so that they can feel their best again! Little do they know that when they invest in themselves, they will actually invest in their entire family. 

By doing something for YOU this improves your overall life and relationships . When you don't put yourself first you can end up resenting people or areas of your life that you should actually be appreciating. 

5 reasons why you should put yourself first include: 

1. More energy for all areas of life (to play with your kids, socialise, improve sex life) 

2. Better confidence (this relates to relationships, work, socialising) 

3. Better mental health (when you are happy you create a much better reality and world around you, and you can spread your love to the others around you) 

4. Longevity (improves your quality of life to be enjoyed yourself and with others) 

5. Learn life long habits (to educate others, your kids, husband, friends etc) 

So make sure you priorities doing something for YOU every day!!! In order to help others, or be the best mum/daughter/wife/friend you need to FILL UP YOUR CUP. Without a full cup you don’t have the love or energy to give to others. First you must give to yourself. Whether that be taking time to go to the gym, have a walk in the sun, a coffee with a friend. Being the best version of you helps you take care of your loved ones and also live the lift you deserve. 

When you feel good you shine!!! 

Stop feeling guilty and prioritise your happiness to improve your life and the life of those around you!!!

Mandy xxx