How To Enjoy The Silly Season AND Still Drop A Dress Size

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 01:34

Christmas is fast approaching! That means loads of Christmas parties, lunches, BBQs, music festivals.... then New Years hits... the list goes on! 

We have a good 2-3 months of socialising ahead of us! 

Some of you may freak out when you think of attending these gatherings, tending to hide away from them as you "don't want to ruin your diet"... others may think "why try and lose weight now, its going to be too hard this time of the year". 

The reality actually is that you CAN go to all of your social events over the Silly Season AND continue to lose body fat or at least maintain where you're at! 



By following the simple tips below: 

1. Choose low calorie drinks. Spirits are the better option mixed with soda water. (Be careful what "mixers" you use as they are generally super high in sugar and calories!) 

2. Drink a big glass of water in between alcoholic drinks to keep hydrated and slow down your drinking. 

3. Before you go to a gathering where you know there will be loads of "tempting high calorie foods" make sure you have a balanced meal of protein, fats and low GI carbs to keep you full. 

4. If you know you're planning on drinking alcohol that day be sure to smash out a killer weights or HITT session in the morning and limit your carb intake during the day. 

5. Make time to move!!! Even if that means getting up early to train, or dragging your butt to the gym when you're hung from the night before. If you don't have access to a gym get outdoors and be active with loads of walks, sprints or some body weight HITT sessions. This will help you burn those extra calories that might sneak into your diet over the Silly Season! 

6. Don't deny yourself!!! This is a time to enjoy life, to socialise and to enjoy your Grandmas Xmas Pudding. No one wants to be that person that declines all the food and watches everyone else eat. Just pick your food wisely, fill your plate with loads of protein, salads and veggies and then allow yourself to have some treats. Pick your favourite treat only or share dessert with a friend. If you're served up a giant piece of pudding it doesn't mean you have to eat it all. Have a taste, satisfy your tastebuds and mind and then put the rest away. 

7. Don't be afraid to "say no". Socialising is fun, but we all have goals and morals of life we all individually choose to live by as well. If you don't want to drink or eat your Mums pavlova don't feel obligated to do so. You are allowed to put yourself and your goals first! Don't worry about others judgement as this is often a reflection of themselves and not you! You have the right to make decisions about our own body! 

8. If you don't want to drink, driving to the event is always a good option and excuse to stay sober! Also make sure you take a "healthy" option to a BBQ so you know there will be something wholesome there for you to fill up on. 

9. Make sure you always have food prepared (protein, carbs, greens) for the day after these events to avoid any sporadic trips to Micky D's to soak up the alcohol.  Also a good old home made eggs and bacon always does the trick!! 

10. Get your macros calculated if you haven't already. This allows you to have "freedom with food". Basically you can eat what you want as long as it "fits your macros"... so yes you can have some wine and Christmas cake and still lose body fat!! (Hit us up in the enquiry section of our website for more info/help with this ) 

So there you have it! 10 of our tried and tested tips and tricks to help you survive the Silly Season with a smile on your dial and still take CM off your waist!! 

Cheers to the guilt free good times ahead! 

Mandy xxx