Our Training Method

With 16 years of training experience and competition experience between us we know how to develop training programs to give you the best results. We tailor programs to suit your requirements and goals.

Our training methods are based around these key principles:

1. Resistance based training
(lifting weights)
2. Minimal to no ‘cardio’,
incorporating HITT training
3. Having a good balance between
training and recovery/rest/life


Why do I need to lift weights?

There are many reasons as to why resistance/weight training should be a part of every ones life at any age. Here are a few reasons why it is our main focus.

You will:

Lose fat - Increasing your muscle to fat ratio increases fat loss (burn more fat) when you are at rest.
Increase Strength - Which makes daily tasks and living easier and also increases your stamina.
Increase Muscle Tone and Definition - (build muscle) creating a lean, fit and healthy looking body.
Prevents Injuries - increased muscle protects your joints and keeps your body balanced, flexible and improves mobility.
Increases and Improves Confidence - by improving your posture and wellbeing you will feel better about yourself. Just knowing you are looking after yourself makes you a happier person.
Prevents or Controls Chronic Diseases - such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Back Pain, Depression, Obesity.
Increase Bone Density (very important for women) - This reduces your risk of developing Osteoporosis. On that note there is a big misconception that lifting weights will make you “big”, bulky” or “manly”. In reality females do not produce enough testosterone to get “big” and will only be able to create a sexy body with curves from weight training!!

Why Only minimal ‘cardio’?

Our ultimate goal for you is that we are trying to build a healthy metabolism by increasing lean muscle so you become more efficient at burning fat. HITT is perfect for achieving this while traditional cardio actually works against this process and slows down the metabolism.

In basic terms, HIIT workouts centre around short bursts of very intense activity, alternating with periods of less strenuous activity or complete rest. One example of this would be, sprinting at maximum speed up a set of stairs, followed by dead ball slams and a period of rest. Repeating this for a maximum of 15 minutes for a short but very effective fat-fighting workout.

Benefits of HIIT training include:

Increased Metabolism:
HIIT can give you a day-long metabolism boost. This is due to the fact that we consume more oxygen during intense activity than in slower, steady-state exercise. This in itself can increase post-exercise metabolism, and means that we continue to burn calories long after exercising.

Burn More Fat:
We burn both fat and carbohydrates when we exercise, but the proportion varies according to the intensity of the exercise. Studies have shown that, over time, shorter high-intensity workouts result in greater fat loss than steady-state cardio sessions. This means you get a whole lot more bang for your buck when you sweat it out in a HIIT session, rather than spending twice as much time jogging on a treadmill at, say, 60% of your maximum exertion.

Little or No Equipment Needed:
One of the real advantages of HIT is that you can work out without the need of weights or fancy cardio equipment (so these workouts can even be done in the comfort of your own lounge room!). The key is to just get your body moving at maximum output. Anything plyometric (exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in short intervals) will get the job done – accelerating your heart rate and increasing your speed and power. This can include lunges, squat thrusts, jumping jacks or burpees – all exercises that require no equipment whatsoever.

Quick (But Not Necessarily Easy):
HIIT is an extremely efficient way of squeezing in a great workout into a short space of time. The fact that maximum results can even be achieved from a session that lasts less than ten minutes means that HIIT is the ideal type of workout if you’re on a tight schedule.

Why Do I need to rest?

For some getting motivation to work out is a challenge, but other times, like when we are really determined to reach a goal we feel like we need to ‘train more’, when the opposite is actually true.

Sometimes we take on the frantic mindset that we ‘must work out every day ’ and completely forget that on of the most important parts of training effectively is giving our bodies adequate time to recover.

Many programs on the market include ‘too much training’, these prolonged bouts of stress or intolerable amounts of stress on the body that can lead to exhaustion. When stress is too much physiologically for the body to handle it can lead to overuse injuries, such as stress fractures, muscle strains and joint pain, and also increases the hormone cortisol in our bodies (which actually inhibits fat loss when it is elevated). Over-training can also lead to a mental and physical ‘burn out’, which will set you back in reaching your goals.

We always hear about the important health benefits of training and negative effects of inactivity, but it is not common to hear about how important rest is for the body. Resting is just as important as working out as it is an equal part of the process required to build strength, endurance, muscle and reduce body fat. Your body changes when you rest!

Adequate sleep is also an important part of the recovery process. During REM sleep your body produces more growth hormone, which helps you muscles repair and rebuild post-training. Not to mention sleep is also important for maintaining good health mentally and physically. Also it is common for your goals to lose their clarity and for ‘bad habits’ to creep back in when you are tiered, such as snacking on sweet foods seeking energy. You think you’re hungry when actually you are just tiered and need more rest. Sleep is totally underrated!

Us Heavy Lifting Hippies have learnt in the past from our own training mistakes just how important it is to listen to our bodies, providing adequate rest in your training programs to allow the best results, optimal health and wellbeing and to help create a balanced happy lifestyle.
Spending time with family and friends and relaxing is all an important part of our overall health!!

Combining these training techniques along with correct nutrition we guarantee that we can help you become the best versions of you, creating a body that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside!